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To date, SDS has successfully completed some 39 evaluations and two meta-evaluations as well as numerous other assessments providing both individual and team expertise for both, SDS assignments and assignments for external partners.

This led to more than 90 finalised publications and relevant papers.

Examples of countries of recent evaluations:

  • Algeria (2016 – Training)
  • Egypt (2016 – Human Rights)
  • Egypt (2016 – Peacekeeping)
  • Jordan (2017-2018 – Rule of Law + Civil Society)
  • Palestine / Jordan (2015 – Resource Mobilization)
  • Zimbabwe (2016 – Peacekeeping).


The SDS focus includes strategic and complex mid-term, final and ex-post evaluations, impact evaluations including of Sector Budget Support (SBS), evaluation of offers and assessment of grant proposals, meta evaluations, policy-related analysis, feasibility and country studies, gap analysis, as well as other knowledge products.

The SDS methodological focus includes performance measurement using mixed methods and analysis according to OECD/DAC core and expanded criteria, the formulation and assessment of indicators, online surveys and data sources analysis (qualitative and quantitative), project cycle management (PCM), Theory of Change (ToC), Results-based Management (RBM), LFM design as well as results-oriented Monitoring (ROM) performance monitoring knowledge use.

For thematic focus areas please consult ‘Offer of Services’ and select ‘Thematic Focus’.