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Sustainable Development Services (SDS) is an independent consultancy service with extensive Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (PME) knowledge and thematic understanding in the areas of project, programme, strategy and policy planning, implementation and review.

SDS was founded in Switzerland in 1996. It has worked in some 40 countries, and the team’s work is solidly based on field and institutional experience.

To date, SDS has successfully completed some 39 evaluations, two meta-evaluations, and 50 EU ROM reviews providing both individual and team expertise. A highly qualified network of associates can be called on for specific tasks and missions. SDS strengths lie in:

  • Design, Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) for the European Union, UN, bilateral partners and multilateral agencies, NGOs / CSOs and the private sector.
  • Demonstrated experience in and comprehensive knowledge of Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (PME) methods and tools, standards and modalities for quality results.
  • Extensive + constantly updated M&E knowledge and knowledge of principles, methodologies and procedures applied by development partners like the EU, UN and bilateral and other clients.
  • Ability to ensure quality services for complex and strategic projects and programmes, and for mid-term + final evaluations, EU Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) reviews.
  • Research and policy-related analysis (such as for civil society, governance, education & training, gender or conflict-sensitivity) and sectorial analyses based on a wide thematic understanding and focus (including offers and grant proposals).
  • Capacity-development through training, knowledge management and the development of institutional development options.
  • Ensuring accountability and Quality Assurance (QA) throughout the contract duration.

Our fields of expertise

Evaluations and Assessments
Policy strategic and sectoral analysis Design & formulation including of M&E systems
Capacity Development & Training Topics
Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) for European Union (EU)


Quality in Development & Strategic Orientation